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Specific requirements for women seeking a vocation as Deaconess, including requirements for training and admission, are listed in the Handbook for The Order of Deaconesses.

Application for Candidacy requires:

  • A formal application for Candidacy submitted to the Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese (Download application form - PDF)

  • A letter of recommendation from the Rector of the parish in which the woman is a communicant

  • Two letters of recommendation from two women communicants of the parish

  • Evidence that the applicant is a communicant of the Church in good standing

  • Evidence of a four-year degree

Upon acceptance as a Candidate, the following requirements must be met before the Candidate may be Set Apart:

  • An eighteen-month Candidacy period that includes a nine-month internship under the supervision of a presbyter

  • Formal or informal training in Bible and theology
    Note: A Deaconess Studies program is available through Cranmer Theological House, and many of the Cranmer House courses are available for distance learning through the External Studies Program.

  • Quarterly reporting to and supervision by the Bishop to which the application was made

  • Successful completion of the Deaconess examination




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Application Info

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