Seminary Program

Deaconess Studies at Cranmer Theological House

The specific program of study that a deaconess candidate should follow will be determined in conference among the candidate, her Rector, and her Bishop. Factors to consider are the candidate’s prior education and her knowledge of Anglican faith and practice. The following information is offered as one option for deaconess training.

Note that the Deaconess candidacy process is separate from the seminary application process. A seminary degree is not required for candidacy, nor does completion of the CTH program guarantee that a woman will be Set Apart.

Cranmer Theological House (CTH), a seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church Diocese of Mid-America, offers a Deaconess Studies concentration for the Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) degree. Although the program is designed for women who have been accepted as Deaconess candidates, it is also suitable for any woman who is considering the office or who desires in-depth training in theology.

Program requirements include core training in Biblical studies, apologetics, theology, and Anglican doctrine, as well as courses that cover the Biblical view of womanhood and the role of women in the Church and in ministry. Several of the required courses are available on DVD or CD for distance learning, and many classes are taught via videoconference.

The details for the M.A.R. with a concentration in Deaconess Studies are available on the Cranmer House website.